Classes commence at 7:20am from Monday to Friday. Learners are expected to be at school no later than 7:10am for registration every day. Assemblies are held at 7:15am on Mondays, and Fridays, during which administrative issues are discussed, as well as general results from academic, cultural and sporting events.  Assemblies all have an inter-denominational Christian basis.  There is a Christian Service alternating with Prefects Assembly every Friday. 

The school follows a 6-day academic cycle in order to ensure that no subjects lose out due to start and end of term, half term break and public holidays.  There are 54 periods in a 6-day cycle. Academic School ends at 1:10 pm each day.  There is a comprehensive departmental extra lesson programed between 2.10pm and 4.00pm every afternoon.  Pupils can make arrangements to see their teachers for extra tuition, in any sections with which they are having problems.  Learners are strongly advised to take full advantage of this academic period. Senior classes often have time-tabled lessons and ‘practicals’ between 2:00pm and 4:00pm. The tuck shop is open during break time and lunch hour for cool drinks and food.  A healthy selection is on offer.   Boarders are catered to in the school dining room for all meals.

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